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Reiki and Healing Arts Studio offers a warm, welcoming and comfortable environment where the local Reiki community can come together in support of their inner balance...


Healing Arts Clinic
~affordable holistic consultations, info and therapies for all!~

The Clinic scheduled for Saturday April 19 has been canceled... 

See you in May!

May 31
 1:00pm - 4:00pm
only $10

The Clinic scheduled for Saturday April 19 has been canceled...
rsvp: 330-419-1490 or

~Would you like to de-stress and improve your immune system?
~Are you curious about what kinds of Holistic Practitioners are in your local area?
~Have you ever wondered how taking an holistic approach to your well-being could strengthen your spirit?

Then the new Healing Arts Clinic is for you! 

This afternoon is created with our community in mind as a place where you can meet, consult and receive treatments from a variety of skilled and certified practitioners in the Alternative/Complementary therapies & Healing Arts.

See what it's all about and experience treatments such as:

Reiki, Elemental Reflexology, Holistic Nutrition Counseling, Sound Vibration Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Bach Flower Remedies, Allergy Elimination, Quantum  Bio-Energetic Therapy, Integrative Qigong, Homeopathy, Guided Imagery, Akashic Records Consultation, Foot Detox Soaks, Massage, Yoga, Naturopathic Medicine and Life Line Consultations

sponsored by:Reiki and Healing Arts Studio
held at Mayer & Associates Center for Wellness
1862 Akron-Peninsula Rd.
Akron, Ohio 44313

~This is a great way to experience for yourself what everybody is talking about, learn more and gather in a comfortable and welcoming environment.~

Gather the Women!
~Together we will build a safe community to Gather, Grow and Glow~
April 2, 2014
(1st Monday's)

Co-Created and presented by:
Colleen Wiley - Reiki Master/Teacher & Elemental Reflexologist
Rebekah Benner - Interfaith Minister, Grief Recovery Specialist, Ritualist & Drummer.

Join us for this monthly meeting for women of all ages.

We are reclaiming the warmth and support of the clan through the discovery of the many uniquely individual talents of our sisters.  Be with us as we create a group collaboration of body, mind and spirit through laughter, singing, chant, drum, Crafts for the Spirit and women’s ritual.

$20 plus $5 material fee at first meeting for handouts and Chakra balancing pouch of stones, to be brought to each subsequent gathering. Each gathering thereafter, $20.  (There may be subsequent, announced, material fees when we delve into Crafts for the Spirit.)

To learn more about Rebekah Benner and Terra Amma Spiritual Center please visit:

For questions please email and to RSVP please visit the Self Expansion Group or by calling 330-419-1490.

Usui Reiki Certification Level 2
Sat. April 5

Learn how Reiki can help relieve stress, agitation, acute/chronic pain as it assists in the improvement of overall energy levels and promotes wellness.

Receive Certification Training, and the remaining second Degree Reiki energy attunements, along with:

~ Two Traditional and two nontraditional healing symbols
~ The use of Reiki symbols for hands-on and for distant or remote healing sessions
~ Advance treatment techniques
~ Documenting client treatments
~ Reiki for Meditation

In Reiki II you will receive additional Reiki energy through another attunement and learn additional symbols including a symbol for conducting distance Reiki (Remote Reiki). 

You will learn two traditional symbols and non-traditional symbols.  We will also be covering the expanse application of administering Reiki in-person and remotely and different techniques on conducting it. 

It is understood that with Reiki I you receive 20% of the energy and receive the remaining 80% with the Reiki II attunement.  Although there is a higher increase on the amount of energy being passed on to you with the Reiki II attunement versus Reiki I, the Reiki II attunement might feel the same.

A 3 hour workshop meant for anyone looking for a little more balance in
their lives.
Saturday, April 12
11am - 2pm

Reiki and Healing Arts Studio
1862 Akron-Peninsula Rd.
Akron, OH 44313

Learn and understand what Reiki is all about and experience the benefits of using
Reiki in your life.

There are 3 concepts we will cover to get you started on your way to balance:
*Discuss and explore the concept of Energy, a foundational step to understanding Reiki.
*Discover simple (but effective) meditations that help quiet and calm the mind.
*Learn and practice self-treatments & practical every-day techniques to reduce stress.

~At the conclusion all will receive a Certificate of Completion and a small manual for this workshop.~

After the workshop you will be able to successfully give yourself daily Reiki treatments and use calming techniques that will promote balance, relaxation and a healthy outlook!

Please bring a notebook or journal and wear comfortable clothes (dressing in layers is recommended) along with a light snack if you choose.  Water and Tea is provided!

Coming soon...

Reiki Certification Level 1
11am - 4pm

During this Certification, you will receive the First Degree Reiki energy attunement, which will give you the ability to channel Reiki energy.

~ Learn the Reiki Power symbol and how to use it in practice.
~ The practical applications & beneficial    effects of Reiki.
~ Standard Reiki techniques including: Gassho Meditation, Byosen Scanning    and Kenyoku.
~ Professional practice standards and the ethics of touch.
~ Learn how to do for self and others.

**Included in Reiki Level 1 class is an additional practice opportunity at Reiki Night of your choice.

(Following a period of 21 days after attending this class you will be considered a Reiki Practitioner Level I and become eligible to offer Reiki professionally.)

Contact Colleen for further questions...

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*Payments are due at time of reservation, please refer to cancellation policy for more information.

Cancellation Policy:
72 hour notice is required to re-schedule a class please. There will be no refunds on missed appointments, coursework or classes.

We have a no cancellation policy for any programs after the first 72 hours that you sign up and or make payment. If you choose to withdraw from any program after the initial 72 hours time, all monies paid may be transferred for a later date.

For further details and questions for all events and classes please contact Reiki and Healing Arts Studio through email: or call 330-419-1490.

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